Aerolink's Baggage Policy

Posted on Wed June 9, 2021 in Good to Know.

A lot of people like swap a long drive for a flight. In case you want to fly, for example from Entebbe to Murchison Falls National Park, you would fly with Aerolink. Learn more about there baggage policy and come prepared...

If you want to avoid some of the long road trips you can substitute the drive with a flight. Aerolink offers a lot of domestic flights which get you close to the national parks. Due to the nature of the flights being either on schedule or charter, their aircrafts are small in size and therefore have much smaller luggage holds than most of typical airlines. We kindly request that our you adhere to the rules and regulations regarding their baggage limitation.

Here's a list of the most important things to consider: 

• On all services, the maximum luggage weight is 15 kgs /33lbs in soft sided bags.
• As a guideline, standard checked luggage should have the three dimensions of 24 inches (60cm) height, by 18 inches (45cm) length and 13 inches (33cm) width.
• For hand luggage, 12 inches (30cm) height, by 21 inches (53cm) length, by 9 inches (23cm) width.

Carry On Baggage
• Personal items like handbags, small umbrellas, walking sticks, coats, small bag pack can be stored under the
seat in front of passenger or in an overhead bin where applicable. These items must not exceed 5 Kgs/ 11lbs and are part of the baggage allowance of 15kgs/ 33lbs.

Excess/ Additional Luggage
• On Scheduled flights, to accommodate additional luggage, please book and pay for an additional freight seat in advance. The extra seat will allow for an additional 75kgs/165lbs excess luggage. Kindly contact Aerolink reservations to book. Please note that any additional luggage must still meet the baggage policy described above.
• If you wish to carry additional luggage on space availability, prevailing rate of USD 3 will apply per kilo for local flights and USD 4 for Kisumu, Maasai Mara flights. This may not be an available option on the date of departure.
• On charter flights, should the aircraft not be filled to capacity and the guests wish to take additional luggage,
please approach the Aerolink reservations to make necessary arrangements.
• Luggage storage facility is offered by our ground handlers ENHAS for return flight’ passengers who do not wish to take excess luggage with them at a rate of USD 5 per bag per night.

Assistive Devices
• Wheelchairs, Canes, Walkers, Crutches and other assistive devices will be carried free of charge for qualified passengers with disability and are not included in the baggage allowance described. These items need to be collapsible. Baby car seat and foldable prams/ stroller will also be accepted.

For other items e.g. sporting equipment, medical equipment, photography equipment, kindly liaise with our reservations team at the time of booking.

That's all you need to know. Now it's time to get excited for your flight because you will be able to see the stunning scenery of Uganda from above.