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Join this special trip and experience Uganda, as authentic and mind-blowing as it is. From the beautiful lakes, banana trees, volcanoe cones covered in lush rain forest of southwestern Uganda to breathtaking scenery and an incredible variety of animals at Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth National Parks. This trip will allow you to dive into Ugandan cultures and communities – see and experience daily life and traditions, far away from tourism.


Unfold your sporty active self on hikes and exciting excursions while meeting a deeper sense of you within a well balanced daily yoga and mindfulness meditation program, finely tuned to help you connect to yourself and truly open up to the experiences around. Yet there will be enough time for yourself, time to breathe and watch Uganda as an unforgettable experience unfold. Dive into the Spirit of Uganda, dive into yourself and be inspired with like-minded people.


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Available departures

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Day 1:

Entebbe - Kampala.

Day 2:

Kampala – Murchison Falls National Park.

Day 3:

Murchison Falls National Park.

Day 4:

Kibale Forest National Park.

Day 5:

Kibale Forest National Park.

Day 6:

Kibale Forest National Park–Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Day 7:

Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Day 8:

Queen Elizabeth National Park- Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Day 9:

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park/ Lake Mutanda.

Day 10:

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park/ Lake Mutanda

Day 11:

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park/ Lake Mutanda.

Day 12:

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park - Lake Mburo National Park.

Day 13:

Lake Mburo National Park - via Equator – Entebbe.

Day 14:

Entebbe/ airport transfer


Day 1:

Entebbe - Kampala

Your tour guide will pick you up from the airport in Entebbe. Kampala is situated about 35km from Entebbe Airport. After checking in at lovely Cassia Lodge you will meet your fellow travellers for a little “meet & greet” and a few introductory words from your guide and yoga teacher. A relaxing yoga session overlooking Kampala and the lake shore of Lake Victoria will take place. You have arrived! 1x night at Cassia Lodge, bed & breakfast

Day 2:

Kampala – Murchison Falls National Park.

After an energising sunrise yoga session, the adventure begins. Your first destination will be the Murchison Falls National Park - Ugandas largest national park measuring approximately 3.840km2. You will see the famous Murchison Falls, where the waters of the majestic Nile River squeeze through a narrow gorge, only 7m wide, before plunging 43m down. While the northern section of the park is riverine woodlands, savannah, borassus palms and acacia trees, the south is dominated by woodland and forest patches. Along the way, you can optionally join the unique experience of rhino tracking at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. Until about 30 years ago both species, the white and the black rhino, lived in Kidepo Valley and Murchison Falls National Park. Due to extensive poaching during the Idi Amin era these majestic animals disappeared until in 1998 the Rhino Fund Uganda was founded to reintroduce rhinos to Uganda. A rhino breeding program was put into place working hand in hand with a variety of initiatives aimed at educating the public about the endangered rhinos, the impact of poaching and environmental protection. Before dinner we will get together for a yoga session. As we flow within movement and breath we allow our first day to sink in. We open ourselves up to the incredible adventure ahead. 2x nights at Murchison River Lodge, full board. Driving time: ~ 5 hours

Day 3

Murchison Falls National Park. Launch Cruise & waterfall hike

Your day starts off saluting the sun and a new day with a brief sunrise yoga/ meditation session. After a rich and healthy breakfast you will go on a game drive in the Park. In the afternoon you will do an impressive Nile boat cruise to the foot of the Murchison Falls, where hippos, a breathtaking variety of birds and of course the gigantic Nile Crocodiles await you. Approaching the lower base, you hear and feel the thunderous and electrifying sounds of this famous waterfall. Once there you can hike up the the top of the falls (approx. 45 minutes) and join in for a cleansing mindfulness meditation session. If you are not too much of a hiker, enjoy the return journey by boat. After a busy and exciting day we get together for a restorative sunset yoga session, cultivating peace and energy through gentle stretches and pranayama.

Day 4:

Kibale Forest National Park.

After an early safari the journey takes you to Kibale Forest National Park – famous as a starting point for chimpanzee tracking. Drive through beautiful landscapes, past tea plantations surrounded by the lush green nature Uganda is known for. Once at our destination there will be so much more than just chimpanzees to see and learn about. Kibale is home to a unique and diverse bird wildlife, elephants and more than a dozen different species of monkeys: red-tailed Colobus, baboons and the black and white Colobus Monkeys – to name only a handful. Before dinner, after a long day of driving we get together to unroll our yoga mats on the lodge’s Crater Lake floating platform. 2x nights at Papaya Lake Lodge, full board. Driving time: 8 hours

Day 5:

Kibale Forest National Park. There are optional activities such as Chimpanzee Tracking, Bigodi swamp, Crater Lake hike.

The National Park gives shelter to the largest number of primate species in the world. During a guided walk through the forest you will learn about the diverse flora and fauna. Alternatively you can opt to do a Swamp Walk through Bigodi (about 2-3h). This excursion will take you through pasture land, small villages, past tea plantations and some gorgeous scenic backdrops. Along the way locals will welcome you with enthusiasm and hospitality. You will easily spot three or four different kinds of monkeys on this hike, yet the highlight is spotting the Great Blue Turaco. The third option for the day is an unforgettable Crater Lake Hike. Pass through villages as you wander along beautiful lakeshores. If you don’t feel up to do anything today, feel free to enjoy the day at the beautiful Papaya Lake Lodge with it’s inviting swimming pool and yoga shala surrounded by spectacular landscapes. Slowly but surely discovering and diving deeper into your own personal and authentic yoga routine this place will take your breath as the sun sets and sundowners are served.

Day 6:

Kibale Forest National Park–Queen Elizabeth National Park. Ndali vanilla farm.

Saying goodbye to this special little paradise we remind ourselved about being in the moment and how letting go is part of being mindful. Morning meditation/ yoga will be followed by breakfast before you head out to visit Ndali Vanilla Farm. To get there you will walk through small villages, meet the community and learn about their culture and traditions. Ndali Vanilla Farm produces Fairtrade organic vanilla beans (pods), vanilla powder, and vanilla extract for export, import, wholesale and retail. Explore, what it means to be a vanilla farmer. Now we head to Queen Elizabeth National Park, where the next highlights already await your arrival. The evening offers time and opportunity to tap into breath and being, mindful movement & flow. Another amazing day comes to an end as your journey into Uganda, into you, continues. 2x nights at Bush Lodge, full board. Driving time: ~ 2 hours.

Day 7:

Queen Elizabeth National Park. Morning game drive & lunch cruise on Kazinga channel

Your day will start with a safari through the beautiful Queen Elizabeth National Park. An unforgettable meditation session in the heart of the National Park will help you to truly emerse yourself in landscape and wildlife surrounding you. In the afternoon a boat will take you on a cruise along Kazinga Channel. See more hippos than you ever imagined you would! Birds and all sorts of animals that come to the water to bath and drink; undoubtedly make this boat trip a highlight of your tour. Once again there will be time for a deeper get-together on our yoga mats. Embracing impressions and opening up to change within, your day ends with yoga followed by a beautiful healthy dinner at the Bush Lodge.

Day 8:

Queen Elizabeth National Park- Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

After breakfast your journey will take you to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park – propably the most exciting destination of your Uganda adventure – the home of the rare mountain gorillas. You will be heading for the southern part of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Roads will be rather bumpy, but passing expansive lakes, foothills and tropical rainforest will make the time fly by. Arriving at one-of-a-kind Chameleon Hill Lodge there will be time to restore and relax, to move around, practice yoga or just put ones feet up. Spend the following days here in paradise, you will find a place full of inspiration and enjoyment. Located on the shores of one of East Africa’s most beautiful lakes – Lake Mutanda, you will enjoy spectacular views across the lake with its islands and surrounding hills. In the backdrop the Virunga Vulcanoes greet you. Chameleon Hill Lodge and its breathtaking surrounding scenery offer a variety of different activities and the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure. Take your time, sit back and relax in an environment, which you have never seen before. 4x nights at Chameleon Hill, full board. Driving time: ~ 6 hours

Day 9:

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park/ Lake Mutanda. Boat cruise & community walk

After starting off your day with a session of rejuvenating morning yoga at the wooden deck and a healthy breakfast another little adventure awaits you – combining boat cruise and village walk – enjoy a colorful day full of excitement and inspiration. The tour starts down the hill at Lake Mutanda where you enter the boat and meet your “captain”. The first stop and certainly one of the highlights of the day is “Skeleton Island” – an island full of mysteries and fairytales, a junction between life and the world beyond. After a couple of hours the boat will take you ashore again for a walk through farmland and villages to Kisoro. Meet the beautiful and hospitable people of Uganda, be part of their daily routine and let their sense of peace and harmony inspire you. From Kisoro you can either return to the lodge by BodaBoda - motorbikes commonly used as transportation by the locals – a dusty, adventurous, yet unforgettable experience. Alternatively your guide will meet you in Kisoro to bring you back “home“ by car. Back at the lodge you will have the option to join a sunset yoga session that settles the day’s impressions and cultivates energy and peace.

Day 10:

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Today is the big day! You will encounter Bwindi's gentle giants, the rare mountain gorillas. For most visitors, this is the highlight of any Uganda trip.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is home to both, mountain gorillas and chimpanzees – actually the only forest in Africa, where these two species share territory. Besides Bwindi is home to five other primate species, 113 mammal species, over 200 butterfly and 360 species of birds. The gorillas that you will see today belong to one of the ten gorilla families who accept the presence of humans. Your tour will be a very special, emotional and exciting journey - along wooded slopes with tangled vines, bushes and bamboo up to finally meet the gentle giants. Once the gorillas are located, the visitors can spend up to 1 hour with the gorillas – being with gorillas face to face - an unforgettable, tantalising and deeply impressive experience.

Day 11:

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park/ Lake Mutanda. Optinal activities.

Today it’s entirely up to you how you would like to spend the day. Choose from the many different options. Sunset Cruise. Enjoy a cruise across Lake Mutanda - the perfect finale to an exciting day with the mountain gorillas. While you enjoy a glass of wine you will be cruising between enchanted islands, the Virunga Volcanoes as backdrop ensuring beautiful photographs and memories of an unforgettable Africa experience. You can almost be sure to be accompanied by Otters and if you are lucky you will see some Pelicans too. Say ‘Good night’ to otters and pelicans as you hear the calls of the crested crane families returning to their nests. Batwa Pygmy Trail.

Switch off your flashlight in the Ngarama Cave, as ghostly singing begins to echo in the pitch darkness. Making fire requires team work! Watch your Batwa guides create fire to smoke out bees. See a traditional Batwa grass hut - quick to build and to demolish which was essential for this nomadic culture. Enjoy the lively dance at the cave´s entrance as the Batwa women sing a traditional song to welcome their guests. Walk through the pristine Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, with spectacular views of the Virunga Volcanoes.

During this moving cultural encounter, the Batwa demonstrate hunting techniques, gather honey, point out medicinal plants and demonstrate bamboo cups. Guests are finally invited to the sacred Ngarama Cave, once home to the Batwa King, where the women of the community perform a sorrowful song which echoes eerily around the depths of the dark cave, and leaves guests with a striking and moving sense of the richness of this fading culture. This is truly a unique experience for visitors to learn about the traditional culture of the indigenous people. Golden Monkey Tracking.

At Mgahinga Gorilla National Park you are escorted by guides in small groups and hike through the montane bamboo forest in the foothills of the majestic volcanoes. Golden Monkey tracking is a lively experience, not to be missed by those desiring to track Chimpanzees and Gorillas in Uganda. The viewing is kept to an hour and you get a close up look at the Golden Monkeys in their natural habitat. You can see them frolic in the bamboo forest, mothers carrying their babies, feeding on bamboo leaves and totally at ease while you are there.

Volcanoe Climbing:

Chameleon Hill is the perfect departure point for “Volcano Climbing”. A scenic 1 ½ hour drive takes you to the starting point. Three of the eight main Virunga Volcanoes are located in Uganda: Mount Muhabura, Mount Sabinyo and Mount Gahinga. There are several trails with different length and levels of difficulty; we will find the perfect peak for you.

Mt. Muhabura:

Standing tall as the second highest peak in the Volcanoes National Park, Mt. Muhabura is also the most easterly volcano in the Virunga range, and marks the border between Rwanda and Uganda. From the top of the volcano you can enjoy fantastic views over the other five volcanoes and the “twin lakes”. The climb can be physically demanding and the slopes are very steep. The name Muhabura means sentinel in Kinyarwanda and its typically shaped silhouette can be seen from many parts of the country. The hike will typically take a full day. Porters can also be hired for the trek.

Mt. Sabinyo:

The summit of this mountain at 3.645m marks the intersection of the borders of Uganda, Ruanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The mountain carries the local nickname “Old Man’s Teeth” because its serrated summit resembles worn teeth. The trekking is difficult and should only be done if you are feeling fit for it. You have to climb wooden ladders and the expedition will take you about 7 to 8 hours.

Mt. Gahinga:

Mount Gahinga is located next to Muhabura and Sabinyo. With 3.474m Gahinga is the smallest of those three volcanoes and therefore suitable for those who don’t want to climb up the highest peaks of the Virunga Volcanoes. It is also a unique experience and once you are back at the base you will not believe that you have climbed up this impressive mountain.

Coffee Roasting Tour:

Coffee is the most popular drink in the world. What do you really know about coffee? For example, have you ever seen a coffee plant? Do you know which colors coffee beans are? Probably not! Experience the long journey from baby plants – through the growing process, harvesting and roasting until the most popular drink in the world reaches the cup, which you probably had this morning. On this tour you will visit local coffee farmers and learn interesting facts about their coffee. Furthermore you will have the chance to roast your own coffee and take it home as a memory of this amazing trip. Be assured, this will be fun and interesting!

Bird Watching at Mgahinga & Bwindi Impenetrable. National Park:

As the lodge is situated nearby the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, it is a perfect place for bird watching. The national park compounds the richest forest in terms of trees, butterflies and birds in East Africa. More than 350 species are spotted in this area. Mgahinga – 115 bird species have been recorded here, including several endemic to the Albertine Rift. Rwenzorituracos, handsome francolins, olive woodpeckers and western green tinker birds are among the species you can hope to spot in the forested hillsides. For the best Bird watching ever, trek to the Rugezi Swamp, the Sabinyo Gorge or the bamboo forests.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park offers some of the finest montane forest birding in Africa and is a key destination for any birder visiting Uganda. Amongst the numerous possibilities are no fewer than 23 of Uganda’s 24 Albertine Rift endemics, including spectacular, globally threatened species such as African Green Broadbill and Shelley’s Crimson wing. Common species include cuckoos, turacos, bee-eaters, flycatchers and shrikes – all easily viewable in a short walk along the main trail between Buhoma in the North and Nkuringo/Rubuguri in the South.

Meet a fisherman & his family:

Have you ever been in touch with Uganda’s fishermen, have you ever visited a typical African home? Now it is possible to meet one of the fishermen at home during his daily working routine. The excursion will be guided by one of our lodge guides, who will also appear as the translator between you and the fisherman’s family.

Start of the tour is a short hike from Chameleon Hill down to the shores of Lake Mutanda. There you will meet “our” fisherman and his family. We will stay there for about 2 hours and have a chance to interact with people of real rural Uganda. Learn how to weave a fish trap, try to catch your own fish (according to Chameleon Hill philosophy: “catch & release“) before you take the trap back home as a souvenir from Lake Mutanda. By the way – those fish traps make fantastic lamp shades! The ladies have the chance to weave a beautiful basket which makes a very special souvenir once displayed at home or used at the office desk.

After this experience of a different kind, the excursion will continue with a short boat ride on the lake back to Chameleon Hill. Be prepared for an extraordinary meeting with another world!

Nature Walk – Lake Mutanda:

This excursion is for the active traveler. The first hour you will wander along the shores of magnificent Lake Mutanda. Later on be prepared to climb up and down the Kigezi Hills, share the pathways with the locals while you enjoy magnificent views over the lake and its breathtaking scenery. Your guide will take you across Matooke fields, farmland and domestic plantations.

One of the highlights of this hike is a small village on top of one of the hills. Witness the community celebrates the daily harvest with dance and songs. After about 5h (depending on weather conditions and walking speed) you will return to Chameleon Hill where a tasty cup of coffee/ tea awaits you. Sit back in the cozy lounge or on the wooden deck and take a well-deserved rest while you enjoy the memories of an eventful hiking excursion. In the evening we all take over the lodge kitchen and prepare a healthy ayurvedic meal to celebrate Uganda, yoga, meditation and new friends.

Day 12:

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park - Lake Mburo National Park.

After your breakfast and a short good bye yoga session your journey continues to Lake Mburo National Park. This park is one of the smallest parks in Uganda, but still not to be underestimated. It is the home to zebras, elands and impalas, and also an abundance of other wildlife animals – do not even forget the lake: it is full of crocodiles and hippos! This is a wonderful place to relax in nature. The lake and the surrounding marshes provide many opportunities for bird watching; you can watch the wildlife at the water hole. After the drive you can relax your body and mind by an evening yoga practice. 1x nights at Mihingo Lodge, full board. Driving time: ~ 5 hours.

Day 13:

Lake Mburo National Park - via Equator – Entebbe. Bush walk.

After a last morning yoga session, you will have the opportunity to do a guided bush walk with an armed ranger. The ranger will show you footprints and animal "legacy". You might see Zebras, gazelles and buffalos, as well as many different birds. Being by foot and off road you also have a great chance to spot a group of impalas, which are very shy antilopes and normally keep away from the path´ which can be accessed by car. We will then drive back to Entebbe with a stop at the Equator. Enjoy your last dinner in Uganda together with your tour guide at the beach of Lake Victoria. There is no better way to end your wonderful trip. Let your eyes wander over the lake where your journey has begun. 1x night at 2 Friends Beach Hotel, bed & breakfast. Driving time: ~ 4 hours

Day 14:

Entebbe/ airport transfer.

Time to say good bye. Depending on your flight times you will be picked up and taken to the airport for your journey back home.

Fly over the "Black Continent" and let your vacations pass in review: An impressive journey through a diverse country! Now you are sure that you will visit Africa again, because it has bewitched you. Remember the words of Sir David Livingstone: "Anyone who drank from the waters of Africa, always returns there ..."



The price here presented is for mid range accommodation provided for the duration of the safari described in this document.

The price options for budget and luxury accommodation are available on request.

Price per person sharing in a double/ twin room:

  • 2 people travelling: US$ 5.279,00
  • 3 people travelling: US$ 4.338,00
  • 4 people travelling: US$ 3.860,00
  • 5 people travelling: US$ 3.574,00
  • 6 people travelling: US$ 3.392,00
  • 7 people travelling: US$ 3.676,00
  • 8 people travelling: US$ 3.504,00
  • 9 people travelling: US$ 3.384,00
  • 10 people travelling: US$ 3.291,00
  • 11 people travelling: US$ 3.216,00
  • 12 people travelling: US$ 3.151,00
  • Single supplement: US$ 979,00
  • Price reduction possible if “lazy camping” and “non-terrace” rooms at 2Friends is booked: ./. US$ 142,00 per person sharing ./. US$ 230,00 from single supplement

Features Included in Safari Price:

  • Airport transfers
  • Transport in a 4x4 vehicle
  • Petrol & all costs which apply for the car & driver guide
  • English speaking, driver guide
  • All National Park entry fees
  • Accommodation and meals as stated above

Features Excluded in Safari Price:

  • All international flights
  • Visa fees (please refer to your country of origin regarding applicable cost for visa)
  • Travel and accident insurances
  • Tips and expenses of private nature
  • Optional activities

Our passion for Africa and efforts to furnish you with the very best Creative Destination Management are defined by the objective to provide exceptional quality, intensive and unforgettable experiences as well as pleasurable moments, that in every detail and attention to superior services are a dream come true and a feast for the senses.

Our passion, commitment and dedication to provide you with memorable adventures is as limitless as the magical vistas of the African continent ...

Your Across Africa Creative Destination Management Team

T's & C's

Additional Notes:

  • This is a proposal only and subject to availability. If components of this itinerary are not available at the time of booking, we shall endeavour to offer suitable alternatives.
  • Gorilla and Chimpanzee tracking permits are not included. Please note that
  • Gorilla permits of US $ 600,00 per permit in Uganda and/ or US $ 750,00 per permit in Rwanda and US $ 150,00 for Chimpanzee permits in Kibale, Uganda need to be paid together with the deposit. The price for these permits is nonrefundable, however in case of cancellation, we shall endeavor to resell excess tickets through the available official channels.
  • The appointed driver/ tour guide will accompany clients throughout the safari, assist them with check-in at accommodation and share his knowledge of flora and fauna.
  • A language specific tour guide is available against a surcharge.
  • A 4 x 4 wheel drive vehicle such as a Land Cruiser is available against a surcharge.

Where applicable for charter or scheduled local flights, the following baggage restrictions apply:

  • 15 kgs on all flights in small, soft-sided bags.

Abbreviations for the meal plan are as follows:

  • BB = Bed & Breakfast.
  • DBB = Dinner, Bed & Breakfast.
  • FB = Full Board.

Terms and Conditions of our Services Payments Deposit:

  • 25% of the total safari price within 7 days of confirmation.
  • Balance: full balance due 45 days (6 weeks) prior to arrival.
  • Reservations: made within 45 days or less prior to arrival: Immediate full prepayment due.
  • Cancellations: received within 30 days before safari date 20%
  • 29 to 23 days before safari date 25%
  • 22 to 15 days before safari date 40%
  • 14 to 08 days before safari date 55%
  • 07 to 03 days before safari date 65%
  • 02 days before safari date 95%
  • No Show 100 % Changes Without Prior Notice Tariffs quoted are valid for 2015 wherever possible.

Not all service providers release or guarantee their rates well in advance and therefore the itinerary price may be subject to changes without prior notice.

Factors that can not be anticipated and may influence this cost calculation include, but are not limited to, supplier increases (including gorilla permits and park/conservation fees), government tax increases, fuel price increases, unforeseeable itinerary amendments due to circumstances beyond our control, availability restrictions, etc.